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EBSD Data Files

Here are the links for a Nickel EBSD test pattern dictionary. ┬áThere are two dictionary files, EBSDDictionary_100.h5 and EBSDDictionary_50.h5 one generated with a cubochoric sampling of N=100 samples along the cubic semi axis, the other with N=50. The first data set has a total of 333,227 patterns, the second one consists of a total of …

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3D Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction for Synchrotron Tomography

Introduction and Theory Synchrotron based X-ray tomography is widely used for three dimensional imaging of material samples. Typically, reconstructions are done using analytical reconstruction techniques such as filtered back projection (FBP) or Fourier reconstruction methods like gridrec. However, direct reconstruction of synchrotron data typically result in strong ring and streak artifacts in the reconstruction. The …

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Model-Based Dynamic Sampling

Introduction The goal of our research is to build a dynamic image sampling framework where only the most informative pixels are sampled in order to get the highest fidelity image with the least number of samples. Our algorithm, which we call Model Based Dynamic Sampling (MBDS) [1], is based on the principals of Bayesian Experimental …

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