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Protected: ICOTOM Crystallography Tutorial (11/5/17)

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3D Visualization of Textures in Metals and Alloys

In a separate article, we described how one can use the neo-Eulerian orientation representations to create new 3D visualizations of the Rodrigues Fundamental Zones in homochoric, cubochoric, 3D stereographic, Euler and Rodrigues-Frank orientation representations. In the present article, we use these visualization modes to illustrate how one can represent Orientation Distribution Functions as 3D objects. …

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Electron Channeling Pattern Dictionary Indexing Manuscript

One of our recent papers on dictionary indexing of electron channeling patterns (ECPs) was just accepted for publication in Microscopy & Microanalysis.  The original final submitted manuscript can be found HERE. The figure below represents one of the simulated ECPs from Fig. 5 of the manuscript; it is a false color version and will be …

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EBSD Data Files

Here are the links for a Nickel EBSD test pattern dictionary. ┬áThere are two dictionary files, EBSDDictionary_100.h5 and EBSDDictionary_50.h5 one generated with a cubochoric sampling of N=100 samples along the cubic semi axis, the other with N=50. The first data set has a total of 333,227 patterns, the second one consists of a total of …

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3D Visualization of neo-Eulerian and other rotation representations

3D visualization of rotations and crystallographic fundamental zones [This page provides Supplementary Material for the following paper: (DOI:10.1107/S1600576717001157) P. G. Callahan, M. Echlin, T. M. Pollock, S. Singh and M. De Graef, “Three-dimensional texture visualization approaches: theoretical analysis and examples”, J. Appl. Cryst. (2017) 50.] 3D rotations are typically represented in terms of 3×3 rotation …

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New Release of EMsoft Package

EMSoft 3.1 Release It is our pleasure to announce the release of the EMsoft 3.1 software package for the dynamical simulation of electron back-scattered diffraction patterns (EBSD), electron channeling patterns (ECP), and electron Kossel patterns (EKP), Dictionary Indexing for EBSD and ECP, along with a series of smaller support programs. This release once again focuses …

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2015 Team Meeting

Location: Carnegie Mellon University Dates: August 17-18, 2015Here is a link to the abstracts pdf for this meeting. Presentation Title Presentation Download Link Growth and Coarsening of Si Particles in a Liquid: Insights from Four-Dimensional X-ray Microtomography Ashwin J. Shahani, Xianghui Xiao, and Peter Voorhees Ashwin_MURI_2015 Analysis of the Al-Cu Solidification Process Using 2-pt Statistics …

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July 2015 CMU Workshop for 3D Microstructural Studies

Download the workshop agenda and presentation slides from this page

June 2015 MURI Program Review

These are the presentations given at the June 2015 Program Review.

Construction of a new 3D projection dome at CMU

In the early Summer of 2014, we started the design of a 3D hemispherical projection dome for visualization of scientific data sets. Check this page to find out the status of this project.