EBSD Data Files

Here are the links for a Nickel EBSD test pattern dictionary.  There are two dictionary files, EBSDDictionary_100.h5 and EBSDDictionary_50.h5 one generated with a cubochoric sampling of N=100 samples along the cubic semi axis, the other with N=50. The first data set has a total of 333,227 patterns, the second one consists of a total of 41,625 patterns. The patterns are stored in an HDF5 file in the data set named EMdata/EBSD/EBSDpatterns data set.  The dictionary patterns can be used as a training set.

The corresponding orientations are available in several formats: Euler angles (euler_100, euler_50), quaternions (quaternion_100, quaternion_50), Rodrigues vectors (rodrigues_100, rodrigues_50), homochoric vectors ( homochoric_100, homochoric_50), cubochoric vectors ( cubochoric_100, cubochoric_50).

An “experimental” set of patterns can be found here (EBSDrandom.h5); there are 1,000 patterns in this HDF5 file.  These patterns should be indexed against the training set.  The exact orientations are provided here as Euler angles (eulerrandom.txt), quaternions (quaternionrandom.txt), Rodrigues vectors (rodriguesrandom.txt), homochoric vectors (homochoricrandom.txt), cubochoric vectors (cubochoricrandom.txt).