July 2015 CMU Workshop for 3D Microstructural Studies

mse_workshop_748x240This workshop will take place from Wednesday July 8 through Friday July 10, 2015,
mostly in room 125 Scaife Hall, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Here is a link to a map showing the shortest route between the Wyndham Hotel and Scaife Hall.  Please be aware that there is a lot of construction going on all over the CMU campus, so we have indicated the best way to approach Scaife Hall on the map. Any other approaches will almost certainly lead to detours that are too complicated to explain here…in particular, the normal access to Roberts Engineering Hall (where we will have the facilities tour) through the main Hammerschlag Hall entrance will be completely unavailable throughout the duration of the workshop.Here is an older presentation by Dave Rowenhorst (NRL) about reference frames for the different EBSD vendors; this may be useful background material if you want to figure out how things are oriented… And here is a link to a recent paper describing the h5ebsd file format used in DREAM.3D.To install the DREAM3D SDK for 6.1.3, follow the instructions on THIS page for OS X, and THIS page for Windows.Here is a link to the Microstructure Database application discussed in the presentation by Liz Holm and Brian Decost. [access from CMU web space only]Here is a link to Greg Rohrer’s Grain Boundary Data Archive.

Item/Presentation Title Download Link
Workshop Agenda Agenda
Overview of 2015 Workshop (Marc De Graef) Overview
Overview of DREAM.3D (Mike Groeber, Sean Donegan) DREAM3D-1
3-D Characterization of Fuel Cell Materials (Paul Salvador) Salvador
Analysis of Serial Section Data using DREAM.3D (Mike Groeber, Sean Donegan) (no slides)
Generating Synthetic 3D Microstructures with DREAM.3D (Mike Groeber) DREAM3D-2
Meshing & Smoothing Microstructures using DREAM.3D (Sean Donegan) (no slides)
Rotations, Rotations, and More Rotations (Marc De Graef) 3Drotations
Tutorial Preprint
Spatially Aligning Datasets from Multiple Sections, Sources and Sensors (Dave Rowenhorst) Rowenhorst
Machine Learning and Machine Vision for Microstructure (Liz Holm) Holm
Demonstration of GBCD Analysis (Greg Rohrer) Rohrer
Image-based Simulation of Micro-Mechanical Response (Tony Rollett) Rollett
Nano-scale Resolution X-Ray Computed Tomography (Shawn Litster) Litster
Non-destructive High Energy X-Ray Studies of Microstructure Evolution (Bob Suter) Suter